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The spectrum is vast. The takery is hot. Some say he is the best; some say he is an inevitable bust. This isn’t quite Colin Kaepernick vs. the national anthem or Sarah Huckabee Sanders vs. Jemele Hill’s Twitter feed (a 2017 beef if there ever was one), but it is a lively and at times contentious discussion.Cheap Jerseys.It began almost as soon as last season ended and may be reaching a high right now. (A temporary high; wait until he enters the NFL draft.) The Louisville quarterback and his teammates host Clemson on Saturday, the biggest game of the week nationally and potentially a major pivot point for Lamar defenders and Lamar doubters.In living rooms, sports bars and on social media, every pass against the defending national champions will be a referendum on whether Jackson is a “true” QB.Cheap Authentic Jerseys.Strap in.Jackson won the Heisman Trophy last year, and he’d barely finished his acceptance speech before the voter’s remorse started flowing in.

All credit to Rotoworld’s Rich Hribar here as his tweets about Todd Gurley were one of the first things that caught my eye on Tuesday morning. He pointed out that Gurley faced fewer stacked boxes on Sunday against the Colts than he did in 2016, yet was only able to manage 2.1 yards per carry.Jerseys For Sale.Fantasy owners might be overlooking just how inefficient Gurley was because he got volume, produced as a pass-catcher and found the end zone. But the fantasy stats don’t always tell the whole story. It was a dream matchup for Gurley against a Colts defense that was gashed by running backs last season in Week 1 and he ran for just 40 yards on 19 attempts. It may be time to start seriously questioning Gurley’s ability to create for himself, and given the matchup, he should have been more efficient with his voluminous workload.Cheap NFL Jerseys.After favorable matchups in Week 2 and Week 3, Gurley will be hard to trust for a string of eight straight weeks, one of which includes a bye. His opponents during that span include the Cowboys, Seahawks, Jaguars, Cardinals, Giants, Texans and Vikings.

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This was an incredibly mature performance by Derek Carr and the entire Raiders offense.Cheap Jerseys From China.These two teams, both highlighted by strong offensive lines and talented young quarterbacks, did not have much to separate them throughout Sunday.  The difference was Carr’s excellent decision making, his touch on throws to the outside and the immediate impact of many of his new offensive teammates. Carr, Michael Crabtree, Jared Cook and Amari Cooper make low-percentage throws look routine.BeastMode is back. Marshawn Lynch’s numbers (76 rushing yards, one catch for 16 yards) don’t pop, but his rugged running style was reminiscent of his days in Seattle.Cheap China Jerseys.He broke tackles to convert a key fourth-down conversion near the goal line early in the game, then trucked 305-pound defensive tackle Jurrell Casey as Lynch helped kill the clock.

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